What Is Family Law?

The issue that involves family relationships, such as adoption, divorce, and child custody comes under family law. The attorneys that practice family law can represent their clients in court proceedings or negotiations.

They can even draft legal documents like court petitions or property agreements. You can even consult family law firm Dallas if you have a family law related query.

family law

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There are some family law attorneys that are specialized in adoption, paternity, emancipation or the matter that is not related to divorce.

Why people go for family law attorney?

There are many lawyers who represent their client in divorce proceedings and other related matters. If we take into consideration family law, then you should know that it is a wider area that includes foster care and reproductive rights. Similarly, there is a criminal defense attorney for criminal cases. The main reason for hiring a family law attorney is:


In divorce cases each individual hires own attorney, to create a settlement plan for avoiding trials.  The divorce attorney is designed for dividing marital property, calculating spousal support, and for proposing a plan for child custody, visitation, and support.

Child Custody/ Child Support

Larger divorce case generally includes court orders and settlement agreements. Court orders usually involve custody and support. With the change in the financial situation of non-custodial parents, child’s support also changes.


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There is a situation in which paternity cases are been filed by mother in order to secure child’s support payments. But there are certain cases in which father file for paternity to have communication with their child. Paternity is determined via DNA testing. You can click here to know more about family law . 

Adoption/ Foster Care

Adoption is a complicated process that varies according to factor such as:

  •    Type of adoption
  •    The birthplace of the child
  •    Deviation in the state laws

That’s why consulting a family law attorney is important.  There is also some situation in foster parents adopt foster children. It’s is not necessarily that the foster process should have legal representation.