Mediation- A Civilized Method To Become Divorced

A Family Law mediator has experience in mediation and divorce-related cases. He generally mediates divorcing couples. Mediators are generally ethical and have the ability to explain. Legal training is considered important for a divorce mediator. Marital divorce experience is also helpful as it requires skill and knowledge in order to understand how to assist parties.


One of the types of dispute resolution is Mediation. In mediation, the parties in conflict meet with a trained neutral person known as a mediator. Mediator resolves the issue between conflicting parties. You can consult ‘mediation munich’ (also known as ‘mediation münchen’ in the German Language) for the mediation purpose.


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The meetings for conflicting parties occur outside the presence of attorneys. A written summary is accomplished after each session. The summary is then forwarded to the parties in spite of attorneys input and review.

A mediator works neutrally he doesn’t take sides or represent the interests of one specific party. He moderates the discussions that are been conducted between parties.  The process and the results are controlled by participants involved. The mediator works with psychologist or professional in order to find an effective solution to move toward settlement. ‘Mediation with children’( also known as ‘mediation mit kindern’ in the German Language)  also comes under the mediation process.


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Interactive Mediation

Interactive Mediation is also similar to mediation but there is active participation of attorneys in the mediation sessions. In this process, attorneys will prepare a summary of the whole case. This is done in order to save time and bringing the mediator up to speed on unresolved divorce issues. Browse here for more information related to dispute resolution.

An interactive family law mediator can be either retired judge or an attorney. Non-binding suggestions are made by interactive mediator although main control is still in the hand of parties involved. In this process mediator is a moderator as well as an active participant.