How To Handle Sexual Harassment Incident At Workplace?

Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination or sexual preference discrimination. Sexual harassment is one of the most common forms of workplace harassment. A wide variety of behavior may constitute sexual harassment, and both men and women can be targets.

lawyer for sexaul harassment at workplace

If you are harassed at work, you should consult with an experienced employment attorney from the firm like The professional attorney can negotiate with your employer to try to end the harassment and make you whole.

The incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace is more common than people realize, but it often goes unreported. Because many victims do not want to risk losing their jobs if they discuss the issue with their employers.

The lawyer for sexual harassment at work can help you use your company’s internal complaint system, respond to the investigator’s questions, draft your agency charge, and much more. If necessary, an attorney can also help you vindicate your rights in court.

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This kind of harassment occurs when an employee is subjected to pervasive behavior that would cause an individual to feel humiliated or intimidated such that the terms and conditions of employment are altered. A key theme of a hostile work environment sexual harassment claim is the notion of unwelcome conduct.  Sexual harassment is not limited to inappropriate physical contact. It can also include:

  • Comments about your body or body parts
  • Comments about wanting to have sex with you or making comments about his or her own sex life, including boastful comments about his or her own sexual prowess
  • Comments that are vulgar or graphic
  • Sending emails containing inappropriate sexual photos or links to pornographic websites

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