Factors Influencing Child Custody Cases

In child custody cases, a number of factors can affect the last decision made by the judge. However, a good Durham law firm can help you a lot in tackling this kind of cases. The factors that may affect the judgment are as follows.

The very best interest of the children

This variable takes into consideration almost everything about the child including their ages, their routine, and their preference as to which parent they would like to live with if they’re old enough to say this. This variable is what most child custody cases decisions are based on.

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The estimate will normally consider information obtained from numerous sources before they leave their final choice. This information will help the judge decide what’s best for the kids. When the judge makes his decision known, he makes certain the situation he’s placing the child isn’t detrimental.

Parent’s situation

The situation of both mother and father is also considered. The judge looks in their schooling, any job-specific training, and employment history. The living situation and home life are also taken into accounts.

The court may also do a background check on the parents to see whether there are any felonies or criminal action. The parent’s lifestyle and wages will be looked at. Based upon the situation the court might even request a drug test.

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If you think that situation is going out of your hands, you may consult a child custody attorney for your case.

Geographic considerations

The judge will look to see if one or both parents are moving and how that would influence the non-custodial parent about seeing the child. It can be hard on the kid and the non-custodial parent to form a relationship or continue the connection they had if they’re not living close to each other.

This is also true for the parent that has the kid and they move away. The geographical location of both parents may affect which sort of custody the judge grants.